Why we love you

For most of us here at American Salon, the holiday season is a really fun time of year in New York. The city is bustling with shoppers and tourists, the restaurants and theaters are booked solid—and so are the salons! I know this is an especially busy time of year for beauty professionals, and it must be challenging sometimes to feel upbeat and festive after another consecutive 12-hour day on your feet. So in tribute to all of you who work so hard to make other people look and feel beautiful, I'd like to share my staff's sentiments about what we love most about our own hairdressers. Trust me: Right now, no matter where you live or work, your own loyal clients are saying some of these same wonderful things about you. Consider it our little holiday gift to you.

Mary Novitsky
Mary Novitsky

  • "I've sacrificed dining out and have put off paying my cable bill so I can pay for my visits to my stylist. I never have the same haircut twice, and each cut lasts for months. She always listens to me, and she never makes me feel embarrassed or cheesy if I return a few days later so she can tweak the cut. I count my lucky stars I met her."
  • "He treats me like I'm the only person in the salon—no interruptions for calls or talking to other clients. He pays attention to my entire look, not just my hair. On the rare instances he's delayed and I have to wait to get in the chair, he has his assistant give me a free conditioning treatment. But most of all, his communication skills are key; I'm so comfortable with him that I could be asleep while he does my hair and never be disappointed with it."

  • "I've never seen anyone faster with the scissors. He doesn't overdo it with the products, so I always look great when I leave. He's been giving me tips on beaches and restaurants in his native Puerto Rico for my upcoming vacation. More than anything else, he's just really easy to be around, and he makes me feel comfortable."

  • "I've been going to him for 10 years, and I can always count on him to change my whole look and always look amazing. His highlighting is magically natural looking while still catering to my inner punk-rocker. I happily make the pilgrimage out of Manhattan to the 'burbs to see him because he always does a fantastic job."
  • "No matter how I look or feel that day, he greets me with a big smile and a booming, 'Hello, gorgeous!' I could sit there all day watching him transform one beautiful head of hair after another; when he's finished with mine, I feel like I have a work of art of my own. He's talented, supremely professional, and respectful of his clients, staff and environment. I love him for that."

Happy holidays to all of you!

—Mary Novitsky, editor in chief, E-mail Mary at [email protected]