Wise Guy

Man Up

Diana Schmidtke is a Los Angeles-based session stylist who makes hot men like Jon Hamm and Chris Hemsworth even hotter. Follow her advice, and your male clients will be loyal for life.



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Here, her top tips for becoming the men’s grooming expert at your salon:

1. Become a skincare expert so you can provide advice to your male clients. Recommend that they apply SPF lotion to their face every morning, cleanse their face twice a day and apply moisturizer before going to bed. Everything starts with proper skincare.

2. Become a resource for your male clients. If they have problem skin, recommend the name of a great dermatologist in your area. Another problem area is too much chest hair. If they have so much hair that waxing isn’t going to do the trick, I recommend a place where they can get electrolysis. That’s your job too.

3. Be knowledgeable about hair loss and thinning. Know the difference between products in this category so that you can accurately instruct clients which ones to use.

4. Now that full beards are in fashion, recommend beard oil to keep the skin underneath from drying out. Also, tell the client that once he tires of his beard, which he will sooner or later, that he needs to come in so you can use a clipper to remove most of the beard before using a razor. —K.M.

Smooth Operator

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