Word Play: Oscar Blandi

(Oscar Blandi)

Oscar Blandi (@oscarblandi) renowned celebrity hairstylist, owner of Oscar Blandi Salon and a new Wella Professionals partner, plays word association with Executive Editor Andrea Dawn Clark.

Wine Crackers, pasta and company.

Sunshine I love the sun. I kiss the sun. Even my favorite color is yellow.


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Perfume I have a very sensitive nose. Every time a woman walks down the street, if she has on perfume, I immediately turn around. I can spot my girlfriend a mile away just by the scent of her perfume.

Environment Positano—it’s my favorite environment. I love the smell of the sea breeze and the look of the sand in the early morning. 

Bump in the road Happens every day in our business. It’s something you become accustomed to—you take the good with the bad.

Espresso When I smell good espresso it takes me back home to Naples, on the Riviera with a beautiful piece of bread or pizza, just relaxing. I also have a really good Lavazza espresso machine in the salon. Clients come in and say, “Oh, I just stopped by to say hi and get a cappuccino.” I say, “Okay, no problem.” I’m Oscar Blandi/Starbucks.

Skyscraper Skydiving. Motorcycle racing. I like extreme sports. 

Leather The first time I was in Colorado, we went horseback riding. There was this beautiful leather saddle. Now, every time I smell leather, I think about Colorado.

In your dreams All dreams can be turned into reality. It’s just a matter of determination.