Word Play: Phillip Wilson

Phillip Wilson, International Creative Director for ColorProof Evolved Hair Care, plays word association with Executive Editor Andrea Dawn Clark.

Exercise Drive past a gym everyday.

Slippery Man in a suit.


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Chaos Fifteen years old, just starting in the business, not having a freaking clue what I was doing. Looking all around me at people going from one client to the other. Horrendous at the time, fun now.

Over the rainbow Doris Day. I don’t know why.

Alien Most of the people in my past life…‘70s.

Opportunity Open to everybody.

Ink The tattoos on my arms, there’s an immense amount of journeys from my life. Every single line, shading and color has immense importance to me. My mother’s scissors, grandfather’s razor, and then the family crest joined together.

Kiss Hot, red, fat lips.

Ocean view Laguna Beach—a house with an ocean view, harmony, beautiful, serene, relaxed…booze.

Best friend Jim Markham.

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