Catching the Rays

Sun-kissed, natural and fresh-off-the-beach are the buzzwords for this technique from Goldwell’s We Love Blonde program, which contains all the tools, including product innovation, stylist education and the patented Goldwell Color Cycle, that beauty pros need to make their salon as a go-to blonde destination. Created by Artistic Director John Simpson, the look utilizes Goldwell’s new freehand method, which is perfect for clients who don’t like the look of classic highlights but want soft and natural-looking effects. Here, Simpson unveils how to achieve the hue.

1. Use DualSenses Color Structure Equalizer on the hair to optimize color deposit and equalize structural differences.


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2. Divide hair into sections.

3. Starting at the nape, alternately apply Formulas A and B using the freehand technique. “The color formula is being applied to individual strands by using a brush and bowl, and handpainting the section in a creative, individual and diffused way,” Simpson says. If required, use cling film or plastic wrap to prevent bleeding and overlap and protect sections.

4. Observe the processing time, then shampoo. Apply Elumen Prepare onto towel-dried hair. Blow-dry the hair.

5. On the entire head of hair, apply Formula C to tone. Observe the processing time, then rinse. Shampoo with Elumen Wash. Apply Elumen Lock to seal the color, finishing with Elumen Wash and Elumen Treat.

6. To create the fresh-off-the-beach look seen here, apply a hazelnut-sized amount of StyleSign Glamour Whip Brilliance Styling Mousse onto dry hair. Finish with StyleSign Diamond Gloss. ✂ —Kelley Donahue

On virgin hair

Regrowth: 7N

Midlengths and ends: 7G (naturally lightened)

Color Formulas

Formula A: SilkLift Strong 35 ml Conditioning Cream 6 percent (20-volume Developer) plus one scoop of High Performance Lightener and three pumps of Intensive Conditioning Serum Concentrate

Formula B: Nectaya HiBlond Control Shades 40 ml Lotion 12 percent (40-volume Developer) mixed with 20 ml 11P

Formula C: Elumen Hair Color 80 ml [email protected]