Workshop - Fringe Benefits

This classic hairstyle with vivid color is one of the many innovative and timeless looks in the fall/winter 2013 collection Between Past and Present by Keune Haircosmetics. “The theme is reflected in authentic and distinctive hair creations,” says Ilham Mestour, the company’s international creative artistic director. “The quest for ideal human beauty results in incredibly pure and sincere hairstyles that are clearly inspired by the past but entirely appropriate for the present.” This super-feminine style’s soft waves and wispy bangs elegantly offset the vibrant blonde hue. Here, the hue how-to and techniques for styling.

1. From the scalp to the ends, apply formula A to the top-middle section. (Triangle sections using the ends of the eyebrows as reference points; the top of the triangle goes over the high point of the head and ends in the mid-crown.)

2. Section the hair in back from ear to ear through the occipital and down. Apply formula B to this section, from the scalp to the ends.


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3. Take a diagonal section beginning in the temporal area on the right side, making a point, and connect with a diagonal section in the left temporal area. Apply formula A to this middle section, from the scalp to ends, leaving out the left and right sides.

4. Create a 2-inch ponytail section within the mid-section at the parietal ridge and apply formula C on the sides, feathering into formula A at the scalp.

5. To style, apply Design Line Sculpting Lotion at the scalp and blow-dry with a large-barrel brush, lifting hair 90 degrees out from the head. Blow-dry only the roots to create slight volume.

6. Apply Design Line Straight Cream and stretch blow-dry hair with a large-barrel brush. Wrap the mid-shaft of the section of hair around the brush one complete turn, leaving ends out. Move down the hair shaft to create a soft, wavelike movement.

7. Apply Design Line Sculpting Lotion and blow-dry with Denman D4 Large 9 Row Styling Brush, lifting sections up slightly from the scalp and rolling toward the ends to create soft roundness. ✂ —Jolene Turner


FORMULA A (ash to ash pearl blonde): 1 ounce Tinta 1001 plus 1 ounce Tinta 1012 plus 2 ounces Tinta 30-volume Creme Developer

FORMULA B (beige blonde): 2 ounces Tinta 1032 plus 2 ounces Tinta 30-volume Creme Developer

FORMULA C (lightest golden ash blonde): 1 ounce Tinta 10.31 plus 1 ounce Tinta 30-volume Creme Developer