Workshop - Ice Queen

Inspired by the beauty of arctic landscapes and multicolored skies is this look from the Arctic Light collection created by Pivot Point International in collaboration with world-renowned stylist William De Ridder of Belgium. When creating the collection, De Ridder says he encouraged the stylists to focus on creating the ideal frame for the models’ facial features. “From there the stylist can construct shapes and textures that enhance and celebrate the beauty of the woman for whom he or she is creating style,” he says. Here, he shares how the team created the icy hot look.

1. To get the cut, create a steep diagonal-back parting at the left front hairline and use perpendicular distribution, parallel-finger position and one-finger projection.

2. Etch from the previously sculpted short lengths down to the sideburn. To retain length, etch nonparallel toward the sideburn.


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3. Detail and refine the area around the ear, then shift the hair toward the ear and etch with a razor.

4. Work with a mobile design line and high projection toward the right, up to the point behind the second line.

5. Move to the recession area on the right and use shifted distribution, low projection and etch. Then take a steep diagonal-back parting, perpendicular distribution, one-finger projection and etch from the previously sculpted section to the sideburn.

6. Move to the left side of the interior and take a parting parallel to the sectioning line. Use perpendicular distribution, low projection and etch diagonal-forward. At the end of the parting, shift to retain the length and work toward the back.

7. Distribute the nape lengths naturally and freehand etch with the razor against the skin, accentuating the natural pattern. Repeat on the right side of the nape.

8. Take a horizontal parting in the crown, distribute and project the hair straight up, and position the fingers parallel to the head shape. Use a razor-peeling technique to reduce the length and weight. Work up to the apex with a mobile design line.

9. To get the color, tone hair with a level 10 and apply pearl-ash demi-permanent color all over, then section the hair according to the cut. Apply a level 9, silver semi-permanent color with developer in the lower section and add the same color to the base in the interior. ✂ —Nicole Altavilla

Photography: BABAK; Makeup: Fredy; Fashion Styling: Marta Cebrat