You Don't Want to Miss This—Ultimate Fringe Workshop

Hair by Andrew Carruthers assisted by David Boyd, makeup by Amber Pearson

Fringe truly awakens a shape. A simple side sweep or super short baby fringe can massively alter even the simplest long bob and shift it from simple to opulent.  Andrew Carruthers, director of education for Sam Villa, shares his favorite steps for ensuring a killer fringe on any guest during his Facebook LIVE: Essentials for a Killer Fringe on November 20th at 11 AM PST (12 MST, 1 CST, 2 EST).  Register here and sign up before November 10. Use code FRINGE15 to receive 15 percent off.  

Four Essentials for a Killer Fringe

1. Blow dry into natural fall. In most cases, fringe is best cut on dry hair to avoid any surprises. Begin by performing a wrap dry through the fringe area with a Sam Villa Artist Series Handle Comb for ultimate control.

2. Follow the natural growth patterns. For a fringe guests won’t have to fight with, pay close attention to the natural growth patterns to show how wide the fringe area can be cut and for any natural splits, parts or changes in direction.


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3. Balance elements of the face shape. Remember, the shape that is created by the fringe has the power to balance out certain face shapes. For wider face shapes, think of diagonal lines or narrow designs; for thinner face shapes, go for a design that opens the face; and to balance out squareness, approach with rounded or tilted (asymmetric) lines. 

4. Draw attention to the best features. Allow fringe to draw attention to the guest’s best features. Eyes, cheekbones, lips and jawlines can all be accentuated by the right fringe.