A Guide to Finding the Right Tools for your Brows

Whether you prefer a more fuller, thick brow look or a sculpted, thin brow, there's a tool to suit your needs. Tweezerman, fan-favorite brow grooming company, offers the perfect duos for keeping your brows groomed just the way you like. Use the guide below to help find your perfect pair and discover the right tools for you.

Curly & Unruly Brows: Tweezerman recommends using the Brow Shaping Scissors & Brush to push up my brow hairs and then trim the longer, more unruly hairs. To get the ingrowns and lengthy hairs to keep the brows fresh, the Point Tweezer is the perfect pair to help maintain a curly and unruly brow.

Full & Natural Brows: To ensure you’re keeping the natural shape of the brow, but have a few strays, the Rose Gold Slant Tweezer is perfect for grooming overgrown hairs. Reach for the Rose Gold Point Tweezer for ultra precision, the perfect tool to remove any baby-fine hairs.

Bold & Defined Brows: The key to achieving bold brows is to remove only the hairs that grow outside the shape of your natural brow and then fill them in for enhanced definition. Start by using the Slant Tweezer for everyday removal of the dark, thick and coarse hairs that grow underneath the brows. To go the extra mile, use the Precision Folding Brow Razor to take out the peach fuzz from around your brows. This is a great tool for giving your brows a more seamless look!

Busy & Untamed Brows: When it comes to styling an untamed brow, start by tweezing the coarse and fine hairs that face down to ensure they’re manicured but still maintaining the "busy" look that you love. The Rose Gold Petite Tweeze Set includes the perfect combination of tweezers for removing both fine and coarse hairs. To tame the unruly hairs, the Browmousse will do the trick to lock in the shape that you love!