10 Invigorating Hair Masks Your Clients Need

Deep conditioning super-stressed hair with natual ingredients from Matrix Biolage R.A.W.

After summer, most hair shows damage from the sun’s rays, salt-water swims, chlorine and humidity. “Everyone can benefit from a hair mask, but around this time it becomes really crucial,” says Redken Brand Ambassador Rodney Cutler. “It’s also important to remember that hair masks are not only treating existing damage, but also working as a damage preventative.” Another group that’s always “mask worthy”: blondes. “Masks are essential for high-lift blondes that want to ensure their beautiful new color, without sacrificing the integrity of their hair,” says Nick Stenson, Matrix Artistic Director & Celebrity Stylist. Give your clients some TLC with these professional masks and application tips. You’ll reinvigorate their hair, and happily get them ready for fall.

“Don’t be afraid to leave a mask on for a little longer than usual. This will only increase the conditioning results you see. I also feel strongly about using a mask that complements the shampoo and conditioner I am using. When you use a system together you get maximum results.”
Nick Stenson, Matrix Artistic Director & Celebrity Stylist

“Heat is key for maximizing the benefits of a hair mask. Heat opens up the hair cuticle, allowing the product to penetrate deeper. Tell your clients the best times for an at-home hair mask is when they’re working out, sitting out in the sun or under some heat. I suggest that they put it on, braid their hair and head outside. It’ll protect and treat the hair, and when they take it down, they’ll have beautiful beach waves.”
—Rodney Cutler, Redken Brand Ambassador

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“There are two things I look for when choosing a hair mask: a great moisturizer to hydrate the hair, and protein for strengthening. You can’t go wrong with this combo. My go-to technique is a deep-steam conditioning treatment, which helps retain moisture, increases elasticity, plus, it promotes hair growth.”
—Ingrid Young, Sexy Hair Regional Education Manager

“The sun and humidity do a number on my clients’ locks. To battle frizz, dullness and dryness, I insist on a pre-fall intensity treatment. The key is finding a mask that seals down the cuticle, making the texture softer, smoother and more reflective.”
—Jaclyn Lopes, z.one concept Art Team Member

“Hair masks are essential for overstressed and moisture-starved hair. Great hair masks have a good consistency, premium ingredients and the ability to penetrate the outer layers. Always start with just-damp hair, not soaking wet hair that’ll dilute the product. And, apply it in conjunction with a scalp massage.”
—Gary Baker, UNITE Creative Director

 “For intensive hydrating, I’m really loving hair masks with marula oil. The oil is packed with oleic acids, antioxidants, proteins and vitamins. It instantly softens dry, coarse hair, but it doesn’t weigh down fine hair.”
—Angelina Panelli, Paul Mitchell Educator

I enjoy using super-light treatments that are extremely powerful. They’re a must after any color or blonding service. What you’re looking to do is replace the lipids and replenish the moisture, all while locking in color. I’ve found that extra-light treatments really penetrate the hair shaft, and quickly add in hydration.”
—Nicole Gary, BaBylissPRO Director of Shows and Education

Catwalk by TIGI 

Fashionista Violet Mask is specifically formulated for blonde and highlighted hair. Featuring violet toners, pearl extract and rice milk, the mask helps boost blonde shimmer and shine. 

Matrix Biolage 

R.A.W. Re-Hab Clay Mask is great for overly stressed hair. The natural kaolin clay and honeycomb conditions sensitized hair, rebuilding internal strength. 


Net Mask uses “nano-regeneration” technology to smartly help to repair the hair. The mask adheres to the more porous areas, aiding in hydration, reconstruction and nourishment. 


Extreme Mega Mask features a new RCT (root, core, tip) Protein Complex with three rejuvenating proteins that attract to the most needed areas, giving custom nourishment. There’s also a dual-chamber design, delivering a deep-conditioning mask and a care extender formula.

Smooth Sexy Hair 

Smooth Extender Nourishing Smoothing Masque penetrates deep into the hair, using coconut oil to strengthen and smooth from root to tip. (sexyhair.com)



Power Base is packed with rice protein to strengthen, while apricot and almond oils deeply moisturize, leaving hair both soft and strong. (originalmineral.com)


7 Seconds Masque is loaded with a nourishing infusion of shea butter, castor seed oil and proteins, restoring moisture, shine, strength and elasticity. 


Integrity Intensive Treatment contains organic muru muru butter that deeply nourishes, eliminates frizz and seals down the cuticle for softness, shine and color integrity.


Rare Oil Intensive Hair Masque thoroughly hydrates and softens the hair with cold-pressed marula oil, which has 50 percent more antioxidants than argan oil. The mask helps seal split ends, prevent damage and increase shine. 


Silkening Power Infusion is a powerful 60-second, rinse-out treatment. The organic seaweed and algae blend deeply penetrates the hair to help repair damage, maximize shine, smooth frizz and lock in color.