Curious Brushes by Nick Stenson

The Cushion Brush from Curious Brushes by Nick Stenson has a criss-cross pattern around the edge that creates volume while the center channel of natural fiber bristles creates airflow for faster blowdries and ultimate shine. Natural fiber bristles keep the cuticle smooth for maximum shine. Volume where you want it. Tension where you need it. Key Features:

  • Ultimate shine & control

  • 100% Natural fiber bristles

  • Natural fiber bristles absorb and redistribute hair oils from the root to smooth the hair

  • Nylon bristles penetrate for detangling

  • Ceramic ionic barrel promotes shine and faster blowdries

  • Patented configuration of nylon and natural fiber bristles gives better control, with edge bristles for fine details

  • Criss-cross pattern of the outer ring gives height at the base to create volume

  • Center channel creates movement and airflow for faster blowdries

  • Easy to hold, lightweight design with a soft-touch grip and a seamless handle

How to Use:

  • Use the outer ring of bristles to lock into the root while blowdrying curly hair to create volume and smoothness.

  • Use the outer ring of bristles on dry hair to lock into root area, teasing to create volume.

  • Use the outer ring of bristles to refine and control hair like you would a comb.

  • Push down into the center channel of natural boar bristles with your thumb as you brush to create tension and shine.

  • Blowdry faster through better airflow with our patented configuration and the center channel of natural fiber bristles.

  • Detangle and stretch the hair with nylon bristles that penetrate to the scalp.


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