An In-Depth Look at Redken pH-Bonder

Redken Artist Sean Godard shared his take on the hottest new bonding product, Redken pH-Bonder with American Salon Executive Editor Andrea Dawn Clark. 

ADC: What makes Redken pH-Bonder a game changer in the bonding product category?

SG: Redken pH-Bonder is a game changer because it works in synergy with all our Redken color lines, and it also works with any color line on the market. The best part is that colorists don't have to adjust developer or expect less from the lift, because the formulas produce the same results when used with pH-Bonder—with added bond-protecting benefits.

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ADC:  What surprised you the most when you first used Redken pH-Bonder?

SG: I loved the consistency it made when added to the color products. I found that I was able to get a lot further with less lighter/color being mixed in, and it spread like a dream, giving me a great transition of color.

ADC: Hairdressers are creative by nature—give them one product and they’ll come up with a thousand ways to use it. Since you’ve been using Redken pH-Bonder, have you come up with any creative application tricks or other uses for the product?

SG: I love using #2 Fiber Restorative Pre-Wash Concentrate on every client—even if they didn't get a color service that day—just to improve the strength and shine of the hair. I also like to apply it on the uncolored hair in-between highlights, distributing the product benefits on all of the strands. When I finish my highlights, I simply apply #1 Bond Protecting Additive with water to all of the uncolored hair. 

ADC: What’s your biggest client success story with Redken pH-Bonder?

SG: I had one client that was previously platinum, had gone red, and wanted to go back to blonde. She was really nervous about lightening her hair. We used pH-Bonder during the blonde service, her hair lifted to the color we wanted, and it felt even healthier than when she walked in the salon.

ADC: What should stylists be careful of when using this product?

SG: Less is more of #1 Bond Protecting Additive. Stick to the recommended instructions for mixing to get the best results. Also, the at-home Post-Service Protector is essential for clients to continue receiving the benefits of the treatment.

ADC: If you could only use one word to describe Redken pH-Bonder, what would that word be?

SG: Innovative—we finally have a tool that gives colorist predictable, reliable results every time.