9 Eco-Friendly Products You Need in Your Salon

Between the plastic bottles of haircolor and the energy it takes to fuel the hum of dozens of blow-dryers, salons inevitably have a hefty eco-footprint. However, the industry is also making great strides in combatting its impact, whether by developing earth-friendly packaging, creating safe, sustainable and chemical-free formulas, and supporting initiatives that help to restore the planet. Here are a few eco-conscious champions that are on our radar.

John Paul Mitchell Systems Tea Tree Care Duos benefit Reforest’Action, which plants trees around the world. The products come in recycled paper craft displays with the #RootedInGreen messaging, which directs clients to how they can plant a free tree. teatreehair.com/reforestaction

Malibu C Original Malibu Makeover is a two-step treatment using Crystal Gel Normalizer and Miracle Repair Power Protein Builder to restore hair and scalp health after mineral buildup and overprocessing. The formulas are vegan and paraben-, preservative-, sulfate- and fragrance-free. malibuc.com

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Pureology Vinegar Hair Rinse removes impurities and rebalances hair’s pH while leaving natural oils intact and protecting haircolor. It features two key ingredients—apple cider vinegar and cactus pear flower extract—and comes in a professional solution for in-salon treatments. pureology.com


BioSilk Silk Therapy with Organic Coconut Oil Leave In Treatment is a reformulated favorite, thanks to the addition of certified organic virgin coconut oil. Combined with the silk, the lightweight oil helps maintain healthy hair and gives skin a subtle glow. biosilk.com

Olivia Garden EcoHair Paddle brushes are made exclusively from bamboo, a 100-percent renewable resource that helps reduce deforestation and preserve surrounding eco-systems. The new collection includes the Paddle, Combo and Detangler, and is stronger, lighter and more durable than wood brushes. oliviagarden.com

Davines The Wake-up Circle is formulated with rhodiola extract and purple clay, which has rebalancing and anti-toxic properties and gives the mask its color. Davines uses 100-percent renewable energy to create its silicone-, paraben-, and artificial color-free products. Plus, the carbon dioxide emitted when producing packaging is offset with reforestation projects. us.davines.com

Mop Lemongrass Volume Whip comes in a zero ozone impact aerosol can, which doesn’t damage the Earth’s ozone layer. The formula’s lemongrass adds volume while grape-seed oil adds strength, conditioning and shine, and natural UV protectors fight damage from heat styling and protect color. mopproducts.com

Seed Phytonutrients Daily Hair Cleanse is a new sustainable line from L’Oréal that launches this month. Its mission is to protect seed integrity and support small-scale organic farms by using their seeds for ingredients. The bottles are made from shower-friendly post-consumer recycled paper—when empty, clients can crack them open to find plantable heirloom seeds inside. seedphytonutrients.com

Hot Tools Professional 1¼” Black  Gold Curling Iron/Wand achieves beautiful styles with even heat distribution. It boasts an automatic shut-off feature after two hours, which not only cuts down energy consumption but also curbs your electric bill. blackgold.hottools.com