Ivan Zoot Offers Important Tips to Maximize Clipper Techniques

The Buzz on Clippers

Ivan Zoot, aka The Clipper Guy, offers three things you’re not doing with your clipper…but should be.

Use your clipper to point-cut

Point-cutting for texture is a creative and vital part of many haircuts but can be very dangerous with sharp shears. (We all have the V-shaped scars to prove it!) Hold sections between your fingers as you would with shears, and move down into the section with your clipper from above. Don’t be afraid to bump your finger with the blade at the bottom of the points; It will not cut you. Back your holding fingers off a bit more for deeper texture; scoot them up closer to the design line for softer ends.

Use your clipper to texturize

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Don’t overlook your trimmer as a powerful and fun option for creating texture. Spool sections of hair around a finger and nip and chip into the spooled hair with the last tooth on the corner of your trimmer. This technique gives you a superior level of control of the placement of texture. Be sure to explain what you’re about to do before you do it to avoid freaking out a long-haired client. They’ll love the result and you will have demonstrated superior tool skills and creativity.

Use your clipper to reduce the risk of repetitive motion injuries

Put down your shears and use clippers for big cutting jobs to reduce the strain of repetitive motions. If you’re already feeling the “ouch” of carpal tunnel stress, use your clipper as a hand weight to aid in stretching exercises. Hold your clipper in your hand with your arm extended, palm down. Let your wrist drop, allowing the weight of the clipper to provide added stretch to your wrist. Turn your arm palm up and let your hand drop back again with the weight of the clipper adding stretch. Hold each stretch for seven seconds. Do three sets each way, each arm, three times each day to keep wrists feeling good and staying healthy. theclipperguy.com