4 Anti-Thinning Hair Products to Offer in Your Salon

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There’s a misconception that hair thinning only happens to men, but 40 percent of hair-loss sufferers are women. Though it’s a common condition, many women are embarrassed to talk about it, which is why it’s important for salon professionals to broach the topic and be well-versed in treatment options.

“Start the conversation and provide articles or pamphlets at your station,” says Kim Kearns, stylist at Robin’s on Broadway in Hillsdale, NJ, and educator for Bosley Professional Strength. “If your salon has iPads or a TV showing pictures or videos, add downloaded information. Let clients know thinning hair is common and you’re there to help.”

Education is also key. Provide clients with information on the life cycles of hair—anagen, the active growth stage and also the longest, lasting from three to five years; catagen, the middle stage when the hair strand is no longer growing; and telogen, the resting and shedding phase when new hair is forming and the old hair falls out. Plus, make sure to offer products, such as scalp-clarifying shampoos and thickening foams, as well as in-salon services like the BosRenew Scalp Micro-Dermabrasion treatment—available at Robin’s on Broadway—which exfoliates dead skin on the scalp to allow for new hair growth. 

Stylists should also understand how to style thin hair to make it appear fuller. According to JB Shelton, owner of Detour Salon & Style in Anderson, IN, and international educator for Bosley Professional Strength, a light protectant, volumizing gel/mousse and a light-hold styling hairspray are key. “More hold equals more weight,” she says. “Use products that are alcohol-free, thermal-protecting and humidity-resistant.” Kearns suggests styling for lift, teasing hair at the top-back of the head to give the illusion of fuller hair in the front.

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“If you’re not focusing on hair loss in your salon, you’re leaving money on the table,” says Shelton. “No one wants to lose their hair—especially women—so if you can give them a preventative tool, you’ll have a guest for life. Remember, if they don’t have hair, you don’t have a job!”

Introduce your clients to these anti-thinning necessities.

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