The New Atar Gold Phyto-Lux Line of Haircare Products

Solid Gold

Tony Beckerman and Teri Donnelly are a force to be reckoned with. He worked for Vidal Sassoon on Bond Street in London, before becoming managing director of the first Vidal Sassoon Beauty Centre in San Francisco. She was a former teen model, who started beauty school at Vidal Sassoon, hoping to become one of the first women “crimpers” in the Sassoon world. Their paths crossed in 1985 when they both worked for Image Labs in Los Angeles. Flash forward to 2012, when the dynamic duo met up once again and decided to develop their own brand, Atar Gold. The innovative formulas are made with pure gold and natural attars (plants, woods and flowers). Their first product was a natural fragrance made with a serum base, 24-karat gold and human pheromones. Now they’re launching Phyto-Lux Hair Care Essentials with phyto-technology, the latest in green science. The luxury brand features their proprietary Phyto-Lux Complex made with pure colloidal gold, which carries botanicals deep into the hair shaft. Says Donnelly of their collaboration, “The secret to being at the top of your game is reinvention.” —M.D.


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