This New Haircare Brand Aims to Simplify Textured Hair Routines

photo courtesy of brand (BREAD Beauty Supply)

If you have textured hair, you know that wash-and-go hair days are never really an option. Maeva Haim, founder of BREAD, wanted to change that with a fuss-free haircare line for textured hair. Haim, who has 4C hair herself, found that, typically, women with textured hair have been excluded from conversations surrounding the ideal of ‘lazy girl,' or ‘done-undone hair,' with minimal and effortless maintenance and styling. 

In an effort to change that narrative, Haim worked to create BREAD (Bread Beauty Supply), a line of haircare basics for not-so-basic hair, including essentials for 3a-4c curl types. Heim is a Black, female entrepreneur and Australian native, who, after working in brand management for the likes of L’Oréal and Procter & Gamble, felt that there were gaps of representation in the beauty space for women of color, and felt compelled to do something about it. However, it wasn’t until she underwent the process of ditching chemical hair-relaxer and returning back to her natural texture that the idea for BREAD was born.

Hair routines, and the rhetoric around Black hair, has been dominated by messages of heavy product usage, excessive routines, styling and hair manipulation. BREAD embraces simplicity in haircare, and wants to give their audience the products and tools to embrace it too. Part of that mission means deleting certain commonly used category terms from the brand language, e.g. ‘anti-frizz’, that the brand feels unnecessarily demonizes characteristics that are natural to textured hair.


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