New in Tech: 23 & Me for Hair Loss

There’s nothing like good ol’ DNA to give the best info for a custom treatment. That’s the theory behind Roots by Genetic Arts, which uses DNA testing and analysis to create a hyper-specific hair-loss serum based on those results.

“We’re excited to give customers the most precise hair-loss treatment on the market, and finally end the hair-loss guessing game," says company co-founder Carla Brenner.

Customers receive an at-home DNA test kit with materials for a cheek swab sample to mail back, along with a lifestyle questionnaire and medical history.

Based on that information, the company formulates a customized topical serum comprised of a selection of FDA-approved pharmaceutical ingredients, clinically validated hair-loss solutions, essential oils and compounds, and vitamins and minerals.

Roots by Genetic Arts uses DNA testing to create a personalized hair-loss treatment

Customers receive the serum within 12 days of returning their test, and are advised to apply it once daily, as directed, for 3-6 months to see results.

The topicals are created to address hair loss stemming from a variety of causes including male and female pattern baldness and medical conditions such as Alopecia areata, stress-related hair loss, hormonal changes, and side effects from medications.

The company’s research team is led by Clinical Advisor Michael Wolfeld, MD, a specialist in plastic surgery and hair restoration.

More than 30 ingredients are considered for the topical formula, including: Minoxodil, Finasteride, Latanoprost, Estradiol, Tretonin, L-Lysine, caffeine, arginine, melatonin, biotin, hydrocortisone, cystine, kenocotazole, spironolactone, cetirizine, L-Carnitine, and Vitamin E.

Roots by Genetic Arts uses DNA testing to create a personalized hair-loss treatment

As of February 2024, the one-time test kit and one month’s supply of the personalized topical formula is $249, with follow-up formulas priced at $129 per month.