ORI LAB Brings Australian Clean Hair Care to the U.S.

When it comes to embracing clean, organic hair care, ORI LAB is a suitable option. The Australian brand has recently launched in North America.

This professional haircare and styling range, a part of the NAK Hair brand, is known for its commitment to plant-based, cruelty-free ingredients that are both environmentally friendly and kind to your hair.

At the heart of the brand's philosophy is a commitment to pure, clean ingredients, drawing inspiration from the world of skincare. Each ORI LAB product features a Clean Beauty Base foundation, including aloe for essential hydration and a shine to one's hair, hyaluronic acid to nurture and condition while preventing dryness, niacinamide for the delivery of active nutrients, and marshmallow to gently soothe and protect one's hair. Having the products start with this base, they deliver a combination of luxurious softness to the hair, the perfect moisture level and pH balance for restoration.

ORI LAB enhances each product with specially chosen Beauty Boosters, featuring ingredients such as Pomegranate, Quinoa Protein, Sunflower, Vitamin E, Avocado Oil, and Cocoa Butter for an elevated and enriched experience that caters to specific hair concerns.

This brand also has a strong focus on sustainable hair care. It utilizes eco-friendly packaging crafted entirely from 100 percent recycled materials and certified organic ingredients to maintain the environment’s beauty as well as the hair’s. Beyond its products ORI LAB extends its dedication to sustainability across every area of business, working with local networks to reduce supply chain emissions whenever possible.

ORI LAB offers a diverse range with four core collections:

  1. Cleanse and Condition: This collection includes five sets—Restore, Plump, Curl, Blonde and Calm—each formulated on the Clean Beauty Base and enriched with individual Beauty Booster ingredients catered to each hair concern.
  2. Daily Essentials: The ORI LAB Daily Essentials feature products like the Ends Remedy (300 ml. / $39.95), a leave-in moisturizer with Avocado Oil, and the Dry Touch Spray (150 ml. /$39.95) a dry shampoo that effectively absorbs oil and refreshes the hair and scalp.
  3. Treatments: These self-care rituals cater to all hair types. The Restore Treatment (150 ml. / 39.95) hydrates and detangles, while the Rescue Masque (225 ml. / $41.95) deeply conditions damaged hair. The Overnight Dew Serum (100 ml / $39.95) deeply nourishes and restores hair moisture while you sleep.
  4. Style and Finish: The Style and Finish products, including Curl Crème (150 ml. / $39.95), Finishing Crème (100 ml. / $33.95), and Gloss Serum (100 ml. / $33.95), enhance a variety of hair types pre-styling and during blow drying.

ORI LAB's organic ingredients are farmed, harvested, and processed without exposure to unwanted substances. 

To learn more about ORI LAB, visit www.nakhairusa.com/collections/ori-lab.

To order, visit www.trubeautyconcepts.com.