Our 10 Favorite Valentine's Day Hair Accessories


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if you’re anything like us, you’ve already picked out the restaurant, the gift, your outfit and, oh yeah—your Valentine! But what about your hair accessories? The often overlooked style-finisher deserves a time to shine, so when better than Valentine’s Day to take things up a notch (or a clip...get it?) with the perfect barrettebow, or headband?

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day hair accessories to try? Read on for 10 of our top picks.

Wunderkin Oversized School Girl Bow

A simple and classic red velvet bow is the perfect option to complement virtually any hairstyle, hair length, and outfit. As an added bonus, these bows are handmade by women, 100 percent guaranteed for life, and are available in similar, smaller styles to match your mini-me!


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Wunderkin Oversized School Girl Bow, $22.00 MSRP

Namjosh Embellished Red Velvet Headband

All the embellishments, please! This stunner of an accessory features pearls and rhinestones in intricate petals amongst a 3-inch garnet velvet headband in a trendy bow shape.

Namjosh Embellished Red Velvet Headbands, $50.00 MSRP

Eugenia Kim Maryn Shimmery Velvet Headband

This headband gives new meaning to the term “top knot.” This thick, knotted headband by Eugenia Kim is made of a shimmery red crushed velvet, and it’s elevated volume gives your look some extra oomph.

Eugenia Kim Maryn Shimmery Velvet Headband, $145.00 MSRP

INC International Tri-Tone 6-pc. Set Crystal Bobby Pins

A little sparkle never hurt anybody! This six piece set features two rhinestone bobby pins in gold, rose gold, and silver—perfect to add a little extra glam to any Valentine’s Day outfit.

INC International Tri-Tone 6-pc. Set Crystal Bobby Pins, $26.50 MSRP

Anna Belen Olivia Glitter Heart Hair Clip

What says Valentine’s Day hair better than a sparkly red heart-shaped barrette? Swoon!

Anna Belen Olivia Glitter Heart Hair Clip, $7.80 MSRP

Valet Studio Bianca 2-Pack Barrettes

Favor a more neutral or subtle color palette than the traditional pink and red of Valentine’s Day? This barrette duo by Valet Studio is perfect for you.This two-pack of sweet resin barrettes feature three little hearts in pale pink, ivory, and other neutral tones.

Valet Studio Bianca 2-Pack Barrettes, $76.00 MSRP

8 Other Reasons Quick Fix Pearl Headband

Pink and pearls? Yes, please! A pale pink headband with pearl-esque glass beads kicks things up a notch. One part glam, one part romantic, and all parts pretty.

8 Other Reasons Quick Fix Pearl Headband, $29.00 MSRP

J.Crew Satin Padded Headband

Simple and satin, this classic piece from J.Crew is padded just the right amount to pop up a bit. It’s red currant color is perfect for Valentine’s Day—and all winter long!

J.Crew Satin Padded Headband, $24.50 MSRP

Meri Meri Glitter Hearts Hairpins

Why should kids have all the fun? These adorable hair pins may be found in the children’s section, but we happen to think they make an excellent addition to updos, braided crowns, or to clip back your bangs.

Meri Meri Glitter Hearts Hairpins, $11.00 MSRP

Anthropologie Monogram Hair Pin

You can never have too many monograms, but for a fun and flirty twist on Valentine’s Day, why not opt to wear your love’s initial in your hair?

Anthropologie Monogram Hair Pin, $18.00 MSRP

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