Patrick Starrr Debuts Inclusive Makeup and Skincare Line ONE / SIZE


Beauty and makeup influencer Patrick Starrr’s new and inclusive line, ONE / SIZE, hits Sephora and today with two products: wipes and a mist. Though Starrr is known for maximalist makeup looks, the minimalist approach to the products reflects his goal with the new line—to create an intersection between makeup and skincare.

The rollout planned for next year will include a foundation range beginning with 32 shades and expanding to over 40, with the support of Luxury Brand Partners, the company behind R+Co and IGK.

Starrr's 4.4 million following on YouTube and 2.1 million on Tiktok, plus his personality and his ongoing advocation for inclusivity, should help garner instant support.

“It’s funny how barriers will break barriers or beauty standards through other brands, but when you look at the uppity up, tippity top, it’s literally me,” Starrr told Business of Fashion. “It’s really unconventional.”