Product of the Day: BaBylissPro ColdBrush

photo courtesy of brand

BaBylissPRO is staying at the forefront of innovation with their latest launch: The ColdBrush. The cryogenic hair tool is engineered with a Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC) designed to improve the look and feel of hair.

The ColdBrush can be used on either wet or dry hair, which allows for easier styling and blow drying, while delivering extraordinary condition, finish and shine. By reaching freezing cold temperatures, moisture is transferred to the hair shaft, while 90 metal bristles detangle and align each strand, making hair smoother shinier and softer. Repeated use ensures long-lasting results.

Through ongoing product use, customers will see reduced frizz, noticeable shine, increased hydration and hair that will be smooth and in enhanced condition. The ColdBrush will be available exclusively at Ulta starting September 1. 


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