Product of the Day: ghd Rise Volumizing Hot Brush

ghd Rise

An answer to flat, lifeless hair has arrived: ghd just launched Rise, a 3D volume smart hot brush. 

"Faster and easier to use than a curling iron, this 3D hot brush is perfect for instant lift at the root, shaping your bangs, or adding a soft bend throughout," says Justine Marjan, celebrity stylist and ghd brand ambassador. "I love the bristles that make it easy to glide through the hair for tangle-free smooth styling."

In a Skype tutorial, Marjan showed the variety of ways the tool can be used—and it's not just for volume. When applied directly at the roots and lifted, it creates volume. It can also tame unruly frizz at the roots and around the hairline. Also, if brushed through the hair like a regular brush, it can have the effect of a blowout in a fraction of the time. Marjan also suggests using the brush to create soft waves: Hold the brush upwards, twist hair around the barrel and glide through. The bristles are just the right length so you don't burn your fingers on the barrel when handling it.


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The company employed its ultra-zone smart technology, which senses and predicts the hair’s needs during styling, and it delivers a consistent temperature of 365°F across the entire barrel that is monitored 250 times per second.

Check out the tool here.