Product of the Day: Living Proof Curl Enhancer

(living proof curl enhancer)

To help make curls be their most beautiful, Living Proof launched Curl, a collection of products formulated to create a strengthening shield around every curl for a solid foundation.

Curl Enhancer, part of the collection, is a lightweight conditioning styler that enhances natural texture and protects against frizz for effortlessly soft, shiny waves. It helps to leave waves stronger and more defined, provide 90 percent frizz control, improve curl definition without weight, and provide control and soft hold.

While researching how to create high-performing products for curls, the brand's scientists discovered that regardless of curl type, curly hair is much weaker than other hair types. And, it comes down to two things: sulfur proteins and lifted cuticles. In straight hair, sulfur proteins are evenly distributed throughout the hair, leading to higher tensile strength. In curly hair, sulfur proteins are unevenly distributed, which makes it easier for the cuticle to stretch and bend over twists, but it also means much lower tensile strength. This lack of strength leads to fragility and breakage.

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