Product of the Day: Redken Shades EQ Gloss Violet Gold

(shades eq vg bottles)

Redken Shades EQ Gloss introduces the Violet Gold Family, formulated with part violet and part golden to reflect on a brown to tan background. It's pre-mixed so colorists can create natural, iridescent and sun-kissed blonde tones on all hair types and textures. Best used for creating a combination of cool, iridescent and warm, sun-kissed blonde colors.

“The fact that these new shades are pre-mixed is so fabulous for colorists because it means you can save time and tone your blondes with confidence," said Redken Celebrity Colorist Tracey Cunningham. She predicts 2021 will be the year of shine, with "lots of iridescent tones with gold hues."

The family is available in three levels to create natural, sun-kissed and iridescent looks: 010VG (Baby), 09VG (Iridescence) and 08VG (Gilded Taupe). They're true-to-level, with no risk of over-depositing. The new Violet Gold family is available at SalonCentric and