Sam Villa Launches Limited Edition Blow Dryer

The new 90’s sea smoking blow out is just in time for summer. Picture Pam in that red suit and get to work with a Limited Edition Sam Villa Signature Series Light Professional Ionic Blow Dryer in Sea Smoke ($215), available on May 1, 2023. 

  • This top selling blow dryer is designed with Patented Evolution Turbo Compressor Technology to allow for an incredible amount of accelerated drying power to be packed into a very small package (7” long and under a pound).
  • The Tourmaline Ion Generator, along with the choice of two nozzles, displaces moisture and smooths the cuticle for shinier blow outs.
  • The nine-foot-long cord is clutch and provides the freedom to put heart and soul into every style.

For a match made in heaven, pair with a Sleekr Professional Straightening Iron in Sea Smoke ($145). Its tourmaline-coated ionic oval plates deliver shine so blinding; shades are needed for protection. And the three temperature settings—Low/375º for finer textures; Color-Treated/392º; and High/410º for virgin or highly resistant hair keep hair in optimal shape.

Sea Smoke Blow dryer
(Sam Villa)

How to: Sea Smoking Blow Out (see here)

  • Divide hair into six sections in the back and three in the front and apply Redken Big Blowout to clean damp hair to build volume and shine.
  • tart drying hair in the right back section. Hold hair in hands with moderate tension and direct the nozzle of blow dryer down the hair strand to dry and close cuticle for ultimate shine.
  • Switch to a thermal brush to smooth section while drying. Then, wrap hair around brush and roll to the scalp, heat the section thoroughly and secure with a clip.  Repeat on all sections.

For a bouncy shiny finish, allow hair to cool for 10 to 15 minutes before removing clips. Run hands through to break up texture. 

It is available on May 1, 2023, on