Steppin Out

Longer, warmer days are a sure signal that spring has sprung, making it time for fashionistas to whip out those strappy Jimmy Choos. Fortunately, getting winter-weathered feet in sandal-worthy condition is easier than ever, thanks to these nurturing salon and spa treatments that provide some generous heaps of sole salvation. Ready to kick up those heels?

A Robert Cromeans Salon
Mandalay Place, Las Vegas

When it comes to pampering neglected feet, this $100 soothing pedicure goes the extra mile. It starts off with a skin-softening honey-citrus foot soak. Next, tired tootsies are scrubbed and rubbed with Spa Binge's Honey Citrus Blizzard Salt Scrub before a honey citrus mask is applied. A massage with Spa Binge's Honey Citrus Whip Creme rounds out the energizing service.


Sweet Lily Natural Nail Spa & Boutique
New York City

Revitalizing weary feet is a snap with this 60-minute, $60 service that incorporates a blend of pineapple juice topped with fresh sliced pineapples. Once rough spots are whisked away using a fragrant coconut sugar soufflE9, the nail tech massages the spasignature coconut cream concoction onto the legs and feet for a mega-dose of moisture.

Avalon Salon & Aesthetic Day Spa Cincinnati

This soothing $65, hour-long treat for the lower legs and feet features a seaweed foot soak and a warming, exfoliating sugar-based scrub, using Creative Nail Design's Raw Earth Foot Buff. That's followed by a cooling foot and leg mask, using Creative Nail's mentholated SpaPedicure Marine Masque to rejuvenate tired, achy feet, and finishes with a moisturizing leg massage.

Paint Shop, Beverly Hills

Designed to refresh and renew feet, this luxurious $68, 60-minute treatment incorporates fragrant lavender from start to finish. This includes a foot bath infused with olive oil, anti-inflammatory comfrey and lavender. The pampering continues with a calming lavender scrub, a massage performed with heated lavender lotion and a therapeutic lavender-scented paraffin dip to seal in moisture.

Spa Space, Chicago

Excellent for dry, rough, skin, the hour-long, $55 treatment begins with a warm vanilla effervescent foot soak in a whirlpool tub.A0Next, a coarse vanilla-sugar exfoliating scrub from Salt of the Earth is applied to the feet and legs, followed by a mask containing almond oil. For the ultimate in nirvana, the treatment is topped off with a massage using Haken's rich vanilla-almond body butter.

L.A. Vie L'Orange, Los Angeles

Relaxation has never felt so rewarding. This 90-minute, $75 treatment includes a calming foot soak infused with fatigue-fighting rosemary and orange blossom oils, with floating orange slices, marbles and a bed of sand, as well as a cucumber-orange scrub, a detoxifying seaweed wrap, an aloe and lavender pressure-point massage and a hot towel wrap before toes are painted to perfection.