In Studio: Strenghten Hair During the Coloring Process With ColorpHlex

Good Chemistry

Gone are the days when hair damage could only be repaired after the coloring process. The ColorpHlex Professional Kit is a two-step system that uses new technology to penetrate, protect and strengthen hair during the color and bleach process with ColorStrong Complex, a natural vegetable protein molecule that targets damaged areas of hair, reducing breakage in the disulfide bonds that occurs as a result of bleaching. In a study by Tri-Princeton Research Labs, bleached hair treated with ColorpHlex was found to be three times stronger than bleaching alone. “What’s revolutionary about ColorpHlex is that it actually reverts damaged hair back to its virgin strength,” says ColorpHlex CEO Kevin Wachs. “That’s exciting on many levels and hairdressers are embracing it with open arms.” —K.K.


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