Tips on How to Maximize Clipper Use


Clippers might seem like a basic tool, but there's a lot more to them than just hitting the on button. In fact, cordless clippers might just
be the best tool in your arsenal. Wahl Education and Artistic Team member Christina Goree has suggestions for how to maximize their use. —Kamala Kirk, West Coast Editor

1 | Use cordless clippers for the brush-cutting method; for directional movement, use a clipper-over-comb technique and simply “brush” the clipper over the hair (as if painting) in the direction you want the hair to lay, allowing the hair to move in that particular direction.

2 | For the ultimate blending of a fade line, use a notch-cutting technique. Turn clippers at a 90-degree angle and use short, quick, smooth strokes to eliminate any lines of demarcation. This technique is particularly effective in those smaller areas that are hard to blend, such as the sides of the head and the nape area.

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3 | For soft line fading, utilize the “C” stroke, coming up and away from the head. This allows for an overall smoother transition of a fade or taper, eliminating the need to blend a line of demarcation and increasing productivity.

4 | Use T-blade trimmers over the taper comb to finish fine detailing in haircuts. This technique also removes the appearance of shadows and pigment deviations.

5 | When styling with clippers to remove bulk, to add texture or to create precision lines for short or long hair, try Wahl Professional’s All-in-One Blade for the Sterling Li Pro or Wahl Chromstyle.

Photography: Keith Savage