Textured Hair Now a Required Topic in NY Cosmetology Schools

Textured hair is now a required curriculum topic in all New York cosmetology schools, after Gov. Kathy Hochul signed a bill into law making texture training, education, and testing a part of state cosmetology licensing.

“As a woman with textured hair, this achievement holds special significance for me,” said state Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages, who co-sponsored the bill with NY Sen. Jamaal Bailey.

“It’s a victory for diversity, inclusion, and ensuring that everyone— regardless of their hair type—receives the attention and expertise they deserve in the salon.”

The New York lawmakers championed the bill alongside leading industry organization Professional Beauty Association and advocacy group Texture Education Collective.

“The current standards in the cosmetology industry often do not adequately prepare professionals to work with diverse hair textures,” Bailey said.

“This knowledge gap disproportionately impacts women and girls of color with textured and diverse hair who face challenges in seeking out services that meet their needs.”

Hochul signed the bill in November. The new legislation is scheduled to go into full effect in six months, to give cosmetology schools time to adapt or introduce curriculum for textured hair.

New York joins Louisiana in mandating that all state-licensed cosmetologists are educated in caring for and styling textured hair.


Tap here to sign Texture Education Collective’s petition to update state cosmetology training and licensing standards for textured hair.