Essie Gel Couture Collection: Ready to Wear

Inspired by the elite world of couture fashion, Essie Gel Couture is a new line of long-wear nail polish that offers a rare glimpse into the world of quality craftsmanship and artistry from the atelier to the after party. With up to 14 days of wear and impeccable gel-like shine, the connoisseur’s collection seamlessly blends technical innovation with incomparable style. The bottle, Inspired by the twirling dresses of the runway, is guaranteed to be the envy of front row fashionistas everywhere. Forty-two new lust-worthy shades are categorized into four color families, each with a distinct feel inspired by couture moments: Atelier (embodied by the neutrals), First Look (embodied by the pastels), Fashion Show (embodied by the brights) and After Party (embodied by the deeps). Just lay down rich, streak-free color (no basecoat required) and finish with Essie’s cutting-edge, high-gloss, quick-drying topcoat that not only protects color but also magnifies shine for an ultra-glossy finish without a lamp. 

Form Follows Function
She’s wearing Beauty Nap, one of the pastels, and holding the newly designed bottle, which is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the beauty professional’s hand. The revolutionary swirl stem brush is a real departure for Essie. The polish literally flows down the stem at a slower rate so you don’t have to keep wiping the brush against the neck of the bottle to keep it from dripping. The tapered cut ensures perfect color application, while the meticulous design hugs the curvature of the nail.
Make a powerful statement in whisper-soft Essie neutrals, like Make the Cut, a pearlized nude greige. Inspired by the atelier’s go-to palette of tulle, fishnet and lace, these shades seamlessly fuse delicacy with quiet strength. From lustrous pearls and sheer veils to creamy silks, there’s a shade of luxe for every heart’s desire.
First Look
Win hearts with graceful charm in Essie pastels, like Dress Call, a charming orchid cream. Fashion comes out from backstage to first look and pulls out all the stops in these alluring, ultra-feminine pastels. This cotton-candy rainbow of creams is all about how you style it: with taste, wit and cutting-edge style.
Fashion Show
Turn heads with Essie brights, like Rock the Runway, a fierce scarlet red. These entrance makers are brilliantly boundary-pushing and flawlessly fashion-forward. From red-hot crimson to acid chartreuse, each shade vividly proclaims its place on couture’s fabulous throne.
After Party
Soar to new fashion heights in decadent Essie deeps, like Surrounded By Studs, a bejeweled blue. From an ebony kiss to midnight plum, this stylish after party is more mysterious under a cover of darkness.


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