OPI Breaks Down Gender Barriers With #MANiUP Initiative


Pride month is about challenging norms not only in sexuality, but in gender too. This year OPI took the opportunity to say something about toxic masculinity, inspired by a viral twitter thread from last fall of a dad defending his son’s painted nails.  

The company partnered with Creators Network to make #MANiUP, a video series of men in different cities and occupations getting manicures. The men share their reactions and thoughts on self expression and what it means to be a man, adding perspective to the topic of gender roles and beauty.  


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For some, it was their first time with colored nails. Derrick Bracks, a real estate broker from LA, said the thought never crossed his mind but that afterwards he felt empowered. “If you are comfortable with it, you should be able to do it, not just as a gay man or an artistic man, just as any man,” he commented. He picked a sparkly teal color to wear for the video.  

This series is part of a larger OPI initiative called Color Is the Answer. OPI co-founder and brand ambassador Suzie Weiss-Fischmann says, “These conversational videos are an important first step in normalizing and championing men and boys wearing nail color if they want, because we believe Color Is the Answer – for everybody. Color is not just a female language, but a universal one!” 

Watch the #MANiUP videos below:  

OPI Asks Men To Get Their First Manicure, Los Angeles 

OPI Asks Men To Get Their First Manicure, Milan