Mary Kay Launches New Product to Combat Appearance of Facial Expression Lines

Mary Kay, a global leader in skincare innovation and nutritional science, recently revealed breakthrough research on a treatment that combats the appearance of facial expression lines. The findings, which Mary Kay shared at the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD) Annual Meeting, could have a significant impact on understanding expression lines and offer a notable alternative to popular in-office procedures.

“Women are looking for holistic alternatives to invasive, often expensive in-office procedures to address facial expression lines,” said Dr. Lucy Gildea, chief innovation officer, product & science at Mary Kay. “Our research reveals that there are safe, efficient, and comfortable methods that provide compelling skin benefits.”

During the meeting Geetha Kalahasti, associate principal scientist, Upstream Research, Clinical & Scientific Credentialing at Mary Kay, shared the exciting results of a cosmetic formulation containing a patented blend of three botanical extracts that mimic the activity of a well-known injectable. The three botanical extracts were shown in vitro to inhibit the contraction of muscle cells and calcium flux response, key factors that induct the development of expression lines.

Researchers at Mary Kay are also pioneering clinical research methodology. Patented clinical methodology was used to evaluate the effectiveness of the cosmetic formulation compared to the popular in-office treatment. Clinical evaluations showed significant reduction in the intensity of muscle contractions and significant visual improvement in forehead and crow’s feet lines and wrinkles compared to the injectable.

“Our team of scientists at Mary Kay are filling the gaps in consumer needs by seeking the most innovative cosmetic solutions that address key contributors of pre-mature skin aging,” said Dr. James Ebel, vice president of Product Development & Product Portfolio Strategy. “This is just one example of the amazing research efforts by Mary Kay Research & Development.”

The research revealed is just the latest effort by Mary Kay to reinforce the brand’s long-standing commitment to advancing skin health, research and development, and nutrition. Mary Kay holds more than 1,600 patents for products, technologies and packaging designs in its global portfolio.