Olay Is Keeping It Real with No Retouching Commitment


Olay is the latest beauty brand to keep it real—it will no longer retouch photos in its advertisements, including imagery in print, digital and TV, by the end of 2020. It's also introducing a “Skin Promise” seal, which will mark when one of Olay’s images hasn’t been retouched.

Olay is also expecting its partners to fulfill the no retouching requirement, like Busy Philipps, who under her contract with Olay is not allowed to use fillers or Botox. “For Olay to take this stand and say, ‘We’re about skin care, we’re about having you feel your best and having you feel like your most confident self,’ it’s a really big deal,” she said in a statement. “The more huge companies like Olay that can stand up, the better everyone’s going to be. You want to see yourself reflected. You don’t want to see something that’s completely unattainable, because that’s not real."


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