How CareCredit can help your salon boost profits in a big way

One of the tallest hurdles for the salon and beauty industry is customer retention. CareCredit may have a solution. CareCredit is a health and wellness credit card that offers promotional financial options to cardholders, enabling them to purchase services with confidence – and in return, help boost their loyalty to your business.

Jill Behm, General Manager, CareCredit Specialty, joins our podcast to highlight why salon owners should consider offering the CareCredit credit card to their clients.

CareCredit’s credit card has traditionally been offered in dental and medical offices. It’s a popular healthcare financing option, with 12.5 million cardholders and 250,000 providers.

Now, CareCredit is expanding into the salon space, and all parties can benefit from this service. For customers, CareCredit offers the opportunity to help achieve the best versions of themselves and to enhance their health and wellness and to be able to pay over time. Through CareCredit, businesses are gaining the chance to help create and sustain wellness program opportunities, and to help see an increase in visibility for their business.

In this discussion, we talk about the difference between promotional financing and general-purpose credit card usage, how salon owners and managers are building loyalty and value with CareCredit, the importance of elevating customer experiences, and how CareCredit helps salon businesses as well as the results from the advantages received by those businesses.


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