A Simple Add-on Service Can Transform Your Client

Men are putting more time and effort into their image these days, especially when it comes to their hair. Customizing services for your male clients is a surefire way to cash in on the interest in everything from hair color to re-texturizing services. Here, Jason “Handsome Jack the Barber” Bonner explains how he used the Peter Coppola Smoothing and Refinishing Treatment, a simple add-on service, to transform one of his clients into a total rock star.

Get the look:

1. After shampooing the hair, apply the Peter Coppola Smoothing and Refinishing Treatment to the back of the head from the nape up, from the sideburns up and across the top. Use a comb to evenly distribute product.
2. Allow 25 minutes processing time, combing the hair every five minutes where product is applied. 
3. Rinse product out completely before styling. Blow dry hair and finish with a flat iron (if possible) for a smoother finish prior to dry cutting. 
4. With the scissor-over-comb technique, create a smooth gradient to the parietal ridge, then cut the top and work towards the back using 90-degree elevation, 45 degrees off perpendicular from the client’s recession at the natural part.
5. Apply Peter Coppola MUD by raking through the hair with fingers from front to back at the same 45-degree angle as the cut. Finish with Peter Coppola STEEL Hairspray.