Charlie Price & Number 4 Hair Care How To: Long Layers

Long Perimimeter Layer

1>> Prep hair with Hydrating Shampoo and Hydrating Condition. Mist Super Comb Prep & Protect onto damp hair before sectioning.

2>> Section the hair by parting front to back at the top of the ear and in half from the middle of the front hairline back to the middle of the nape.

3>> At the back perimeter, establish a guide using no elevation, overdirection or tension. Complete the back, then incorporate the sides in the same manner.

4>> Working off of a middle part, take a diagonal-back parting. Cutting “T” to the part, establish the front perimeter guide for the layering using forward graduation.

5>> Continue all the way through the head until you reach the middle of the back of the head on both sides, then bring all hair in front of the shoulders. Once the hair is in front of the shoulders, cut the layers below the chin; cut in a freehand C-shape for fluid blending.

6>> After the hair is dry, diffuse the bluntness at the ends. Blend and reduce bulk by alternating between large slices with regular shears and texturizing with thinning shears.

7>> Finish the look by blow-drying using Blow Dry Lotion. Once hair is dry, use Fluoro5 Restore & Repair Oil to touch up and smooth the hair. Lock in and set the style with Mighty Hair Spray.