Charlie Price & Number 4 Hair Care How To: Square Shag

Square Shag

1>> Prep hair with Hydrating Shampoo and Hydrating Condition. Mist Super Comb Prep & Protect onto damp hair before sectioning.

2>> To section, separate the hair from front to back at the top of the ear and in the back of the head down the middle from crown to nape.

3>> In front of the ear, work off of a side part.

4>> At the back of the head, start the guide using no overdirection, tension or graduation. Complete the back half of head.

5>> To address the interior part of the cut behind the ears, divide the back of the head into two subsections: one above the occipital and one below. Work below the occipital, first starting at the center of the subsection. Use a traveling guide from side to side to remove bulk through layering. When you reach the curve of the head, you will overdirect each section into the previous section by pulling the hair straight out from the head. This will create a square layering technique and preserve length behind the ear.

6>> Do the same above the occipital in the back.

7>> Switching to the front, use the side part and take a diagonal-back parting. Cut the hair to the part to create face-framing layers. Once you move below the chin, use a C-shape or scooping freehand line to preserve length. The hair will be more layered on the light side of the part, with an asymmetric long fringe on the heavier side.

8>> Using pie-shaped sections, blend and remove weight
from the interior and pivot around the head—one side, then the next.

9>> After the hair is dry, remove bulk. Blend and diffuse the ends by alternating large slices, using regular shears and texturizing with thinning shears.

10>> Finish the look by using Blow Dry Lotion cocktailed with Firm Hold Gel, then blow-dry. Add texture and separation to dry hair with Texture Styling Crème. Lock in and set the style with Mighty Hair Spray.