Color How-To: Brunette Balayage with Smudge Root

photos courtesy of @beautybyhanin

If you've ever considered brown hair to be dull or boring, think again. More now than ever before, brunettes are taking full advantage of their dark roots—no pun intended—and opting for a subtle balayage for added dimension and contrast. 

Hanin Abdeljawad (@beautybyhanin), a hairstylist based in Stockton, California, lightened up her client's base while still maintaining an overall warm tone. The result? A seamless and multi-colored blend. Here's how she achieved the look: 

  • Balayage desired areas with Schwarzkopf BLONDME and 25-volume developer. 
  • Tone the root area with Redken Shades EQ 06n + 06gn equal parts and smudge downwards. 
  • Tone the ends with Redken Shades EQ 08n + 8gn equal parts.