Color How-To: Copper Red

If your client is looking to change up their color for spring, try opting for a coppery red to spice things up a bit. Kristina Maccaro, salon owner and stylist at Love Lane Salon in Jersey City, NJ, gave her client a vibrant copper shade that could make even the most hesitant client want to go red. Here, Maccaro shares the formula with us. 


  • Global new growth retouch: COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY (40g 5.86 + 60g 30-volume developer)
  • Face frame new growth retouch: COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY (5g 5.7 + 5g 5.86 with 15g 30-volume developer)
  • Gloss: COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY (30g 11.0 + 10g 6.4 + 8g yellow booster with 60g 10-volume developer)


  1. Section out and isolate face frame for babylight highlights. 
  2. Apply babylight highlights to faceframe working down in your section towards the hairline. Apply using a pattern of two weaves and ending with fine slices. When applying the lightener, father the product upwards allowing room for the new growth retouch formula. 
  3. Apply face frame new growth formula to the new growth in between foils.
  4. Apply Global New Growth Retouch formula globally. Let all formulas process for 45 minutes. 
  5. After color has processed, rinse all formulas. Spray with KEVIN.MURPHY STAYING.ALIVE and cleanse with RE.STORE to balance pH and begin to close the cuticle. 
  6. Blow-dry the hair to prep for gloss. 
  7. Apply gloss formula globally from root to end. Process for 25 minutes. 
  8. After gloss has processed, rinse, spray with KEVIN.MURPHY STAYING.ALIVE and cleanse with RE.STORE to balance pH and begin to close the cuticle.

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