Color How-To: Dimensional Blonde Balayage

photo courtesy of @hairbypf

With summer on the horizon, your clients are likely itching for a fresh color change. If they're not keen on a platinum blonde, try out this dimensional blonde that Philip Foresto (@hairbypf), salon owner and Truss brand ambassador, created for one of his clients. Here, Foresto shares how he achieved the perfect blend of warm and cool tones.

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Lightener: Air Libre from Truss Professional with 20 volume developer 

Bond Builder: 8X Powder from Truss Professional  

Styling products used: deluxe prime, amino spray, & fluid shine from Truss Professional 

Step 1. section hair into three quadrants: one section on either side of her natural part and divide the back from the top of the head to the top of each ear. 

Step 2. Start painting at the nape utilizing zigzag, one-inch sections. I start with diagonal backs followed by horizontal sections until I reach the top of the head. This is commonly known as a brick lay pattern.

Step 3. Each zigzag section will be lightly teased to create defusing prior to painting.

Step 4. Make sure to remove hair in between each section. This will create your lowlight—or as i like to call them your interval. 

Step 5. For the front quadrants, start at the temple area on either side of the natural part. I continue this technique using horizontal partings only, staying mindful of my intervals as they will determine how dimensional my end result is. Hair was toned with Deluxe Prime Blonde from Truss Professional, but you can be your own artist and be as creative as you want with toning.