Color How-To: Mahogany Brunette

Ever since Sarah Hyland debuted a reddish brunette combination last fall, the shade has become one of the most sought after trends. Surely the celebrity wasn't the first to don the haircolor, but she definitely made others want to give it a try.

Incorporating warm brown tones and red highlights, the color—we're calling it mahogany for obvious reasons—has stolen our hairdresser hearts. Melissa Reese (@Mel_reesey) shared the formula for her own recreation of the stunning shade. 

Get the Look:

  • Apply Redken Shades EQ 1oz 05N + 1.6oz 06NB + 2oz 05RV + 1oz 3V 
  • Apply formula on dry hair from roots to ends
  • Process for 25 minutes under heat
  • Rinse with cool water and style as desired

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