Color How-To: Vibrant Red

Sure, blondes and brunettes are in a constant battle for “most fun,” but redheads definitely take the cake for most unique on every level. Red hair color is one of the hardest to maintain and even more difficult to upkeep. 

Because red hair molecules are the smallest, the color fades notoriously fast. And, everything from sunshine to hot tools and even hot water can cause the color to get dull quickly. On the plus side, this means more money in your pocket as ginger clients may need to come in for a refresh as often as every four weeks. 

In today's video Kadus Professional Top Artist Kenny Collins demonstrates a strobing/free-hand painting technique used to achieve show-stopping reds and you don’t want to miss the end result. BONUS: Collins also shares tips for keeping reds vibrant longer.


Model’s natural color was a cool level 7 with 20 percent gray/white hair.


  • Mix Kadus Professional Blondes Unlimited Clay-Based Balayage Lightener and 6 vol developer at a 1:4 ratio. 
  • Apply lightener from the line of demarcation through ends and let process for as long as necessary. Keep an eye on your client’s lift.
  • Shampoo with Color Vibrancy Shampoo and Post-Color Treatment. 


  • For the base, mix equal parts 7CC (Intense Copper) and 6CV (Copper Violet) with CR Mix Tone and 20 vol developer at regrowth.
  • Let process for five-10 minutes and then run through the ends.
  • Leave formula on entire head for 40 minutes. 


  • Use Blondes Unlimited Clay-Based Balayage Lightener with its own 20 vol, 30 vol and 40 vol throughout the hair. 
  • Starting in the back of the head, apply lightener in double points or a long V-shaped motion. 
  • When you move towards the front of the head, begin a combination of babylights, balayage and strobing.
  • Apply the color formula from left to right, right to left and diagonally.
  • Skip color on the mid-shaft to emulate a shine line. 
  • Let color process, wash with Color Vibrancy Shampoo and Conditioner and style.   

About: Founded in 1906 by German hairstylist Ludwig Keigal, Kadus Professional has continually evolved over the years. In 1974, Kadus became part of the Wella group and paved the way for massive expansion. Ten years later, Kadus operated in 35 countries and continued to uphold their founding philosophy: "to service hairdressers and to help them perfect their skills." Today, Kadus operates a successful education program and maintains their reputation as one of the most experienced salon brands in the world.