Color How-To: Vivids

With the new PRAVANA Blonde Wand, it’s easier than ever to create VIVIDS looks!
Using The Blonde Wand and Pure Light Crème Lightener, PRAVANA’s Regional Artistic Trainer Lissette Cruz demonstrates how to do a Color Convertibles look, where you can go from subtle hints of color to BOLD by simply changing the part of the hair with VIVIDS and ChromaSilk. Watch the video here to see how!

With lightening being one of the most time-consuming services when it comes to VIVIDS looks, The Blonde Wand can now help speed up the process by allowing stylists to lighten and apply VIVIDS in a fraction of the time!
The Blonde Wand is a unique, patent-pending thermal lightening tool that allows colorists to fully process foil highlights in seconds with less damage than a comparable lightener processed at room temperature for 40 minutes. Combined with Pure Light Crème Lightener, colorists can lift up to seven levels in as little as 10 seconds. This is not a flat iron; the plates do not make contact, allowing colorists to glide or hover over the foils with ease and agility. Use The Blonde Wand to expedite foil highlight processing, provide clients with lunchtime lightening services, create express VIVIDS in under an hour, remove gold banding and more.
Formulas used:

  • Equal parts ChromaSilk 4.20 + 4N with a 10 Volume Crème Developer
  • VIVIDS Amethyst
  • VIVIDS Blue Topaz


  • Colorist/Stylist: Lissette Cruz @lissettecruz
  • Model/Makeup Artist: Jenna Phalouka @jenna_dolly
  • Photographer/Videographer: Huck Hinshaw @pleasantlycavingin
  • Wardrobe: Caisa Airmet @caisadilla

About: VIVIDS Color Protect aftercare provides all the essential tools to preserve color vitality and vibrancy like no other product available. Specifically formulated to work with the very special cationic dye system employed in VIVIDS and PASTEL colors, VIVIDS Color Protect aftercare works to ensure long-lasting, bright color. For more information visit