How-To Video: Brightening Natural Blondes

The model transformed from a natural blonde to a lighter and brighter dimensional blonde.

If your clients are looking to switch things up, while still maintaining subtlety, the TRUSS Copacabana Sharp Contrast fits the bill perfectly. The technique is used to brighten the hair with golden blonde shades, while keeping a more natural base. Watch the process unfold below:

Get the Look: 



  • One scoop (0.18oz/ 5g) 8 XPowder TRUSS 
  • 1oz/30g Semi-permanente Color 7.0  (Medium Blonde)
  • 0.5oz/15g Semi-permanente Color 7.7  (Medium Chestnut Blonde)
  • Semi-permanent developer manufacturer's directions


  • 1 scoop ( 0.18oz/ 5g) 8 XPowder TRUSS  
  • 2oz/60g Semi-permanent Color 9.31 (Very Light Golden Beige Blonde)
  • Semi-permanent developer manufacturer's directions

BEFORE - The model’s hair is a natural 8.

Step 1: Divide the hair into three parts: two in front, and one in the back.

Step 2: Separate the first strand horizontally and sew in a zigzag pattern. Bristle very close to the root. Apply formula A, spreading a little of it into the bristling.

Step 3: Sew in the next strand horizontally, maintaining a larger space in the central area and set it aside. Continue this pattern, mixing a bristled strand with the product and one without it, as this will produce a contrasting light and shadow effect that also keeps the strands from being marked.

Step 4: Repeat the process done on the back on the first two strands at the front. However, do so without leaving the contrast strand.

Step 5: After preparing about five sections diagonally, keep two smaller diagonals in the bang area. Bristle it less than you did for the other strands and apply formula A. Repeat the same process on the other side.

Step 6: On the bang, after bristling two strands into smaller diagonal sections, make a horizontal strand. Bristle it a lot (well away from the root) and apply formula A.

Step 7: Remove excess product from the tips with your fingers to reduce the strength of the discoloration.

Step 8: Wash with TRUSS Blond Shampoo and rinse. Then apply the Deluxe Prime TRUSS and untangle gently. Remove excess water.

Step 9: Apply formula B three cm from the root. Pause time: 10 minutes.

Step 10: Rinse well.

Step 11: Apply formula C on the length and tips, starting from the neck to the top, covering for five minutes. Rinse well.

Step 12: Apply one ampoule of TRUSS Shock Repair to rebuild the hair. Rinse. Then apply the TRUSS Blond Mask. Cover for five minutes and rinse. Spray TRUSS Amino to protect the hair, remove 80 percent of the moisture and brush. Finally, make waves and release the strands for a natural effect.

About: TRUSS has an impressive presence in more than 9 countries and offers a high-end complete hair care line to professional stylists and can be found in the finest hair salons of the world. Constantly investing in innovative active ingredients and high technology, TRUSS insists to continuously exceeding expectations by delivering results that are incredibly noticeable from the first application, creating instant customer loyalty amongst its consumers, also known as #crazyfortruss!