Create the Perfect Weave With Stitch by Matrix Artistic Director Daniel Roldan

A Stitch in Time

Wouldn’t you love to create complex hair weaves in half the time? You can with the Stitch by Matrix Artistic Director Daniel Roldan. The easy-to-use tool provides intricate details faster than other weave tools. To duplicate the Stitch Pompadour, the signature look from his latest collection, start by prepping the hair with Matrix StyleLink Volume Builder Mousse on dry hair. Use a Denman nine-row brush to give direction and lift at the base. Next, subsection a profile (Mohawk) on the top and secure. Begin braiding the top braid (cornrow) using StyleLink Over Achiever, following the curvature of the head. Repeat on braids two and three. Do not braid the cornrows too tightly or the Stitch will not slide through. Use the Stitch to create the pattern. Start by going underneath the braid with the needle through the second braid. Thread the black leather string through the eye-loop and pull through. Continue from top to bottom and bottom to top; repeat until the section is complete. Now with the red leather string, stitch from the front hairline to the nape. Continue the pattern—one over the black leather string and one under—until the section is complete. Create a basket-weave pattern inside the braids. On the top subsection (Mohawk), maximize the volume by taking ¼-inch-slice subsections and crimping every other one at the base. Brush into place and set with StyleLink Style Fixer. —M.D.