Get the Look: Youthful Bouffant

The Look: A soft and textured take on the classic bouffant which gives this demure style a youthful playfulness. With dramatic volume on top and loose texture at the back, this modern look translates seamlessly from catwalk to reality for wearable glamour. 

"When I saw the collection, with all the fun colors and textures they are using, I wanted to do something playful with the hair. We look inspiration from the Sixities influence and introduced the half bouffant, then left the rest of the hair loose to allow movement for a youthful edge." -Maria Kovacs, TIGI European Session Director

The inspiration: A fresh palette of pastels with dual textured boucle and mohair fabrics meets relaxed jersey t-shirts for a youthful twist on Sixities chic for Autum/Winter 2016.


1. Prep with Catwalk by TIGI Bodifying Spray, spraying onto damp hair from the roots to ends.

2. Blow dry the hair back away from the face to smooth the cuticle.

3. Section the top of the hair into a horseshoe from recession to recession and use rollers to create volume. Set the hair with Catwalk by TIGI Work It Spray.

4. Once the hair has cooled, remove the rollers and backcomb the roots of the top section. Gather the top section of hair in your hands like a ponytail, twist and tuck back under itself so you can no longer see the ends. Secure with pins.

5. Finish with Catwalk by TIGI Work It Spray.

About: TIGI was conceived by the Mascolo brothers providing them with the ‘liquid tools’ to style and finish their hairstyles. Inspirational educational programs motivate and inspire hairdressers and provide them with the information to create the latest haircuts using TIGI products.  The products are promoted by hair cut ‘collections’ created by the TIGI Creative Team and photographed by Anthony Mascolo who leads the image and creative side of the business.