Hairbrained Step-by-Step: The Sweep

Hairbrained How-To: The Sweep

Loose, layered and versatile, Sassoon’s ‘Sweep’ is timeless, yet perfectly juxtaposed. It features triangular disconnection with near weightless movement, while still maintaining a strong outline—making it trademark Sassoon.

The resulting look is fresh and fun, allowing the wearer to carelessly swing (or sweep) the hair around the head. Here, Julian Perlingiero, Hairbrained master educator, shares his quick-tips for mastering this effortless style.    

Step 1: Begin by finding the natural part in the hair, and working in a circular pattern, divide the top into four sections.

Step 2: Taking vertical sections, layer the hair in the back to the desired length. Taking parallel sections, continue on with the back two panels, over directing into the previous section.

Step 3: Work your way to the top two panels, and take horizontal sections. Using the guide created in the back, cut, making sure to maintain the length in the front.

Step 4: Taking vertical sections, layer the hair, making sure to use your back-of the-head guideline. This will help you to maintain the appropriate length.

Step 5: Continue on to the front hairline, and over direct back to maintain the length. Make sure to leave the fringe area out; this will be it’s own outline.    

Step 6: Move to the fringe area, and cut the outline to desired length.

Step 7: Blow dry and refine.    

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