How-To: Braided Bridal Updo


Deconstructed updos are in, so you can expect quite a few requests from your bridal clients this season. Here, Annette Waligora (@annette_updo_artist) shares the steps for creating one of her most popular updo looks on Instagram.  


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1) Section off the front pieces of hair, going vertically from the part to behind the ear. 

2) Take a triangular section of hair from the back left side and create a braid, it can be any type of braid but I did a fishtail braid.  

3) Once the braid is complete, mist braid with R.A.W. Texturizing Styling Spray by Biolage and plump up braid by fanning out gently.  

4) Secure braid with an elastic and repeat the same thing on the right side. 

5) Criss-cross the two braids on top of one another horizontally and secure with bobby pins.  

6) Take the rest of the hair on the bottom and separate into two sections.  

7) Twist the two sections together and mist with the Biolage Texturizing Styling Spray. 

8) Gently fan out the twist to plump up and give volume. 

9) Take the twist and turn into a bun/Chignon shape and secure with bobby pins. 

10) Twist the front pieces, fan out, and secure between the braid and the twist with bobby pins.  

11) Set style with Biolage Freeze Fix Humidity Resistant Hairspray

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