How to Create Internal Graduation on a Blunt Bob

How do you take weight off the bottom of a blunt bob without creating a layered look? In the video below, educational director for Sam Villa Andrew Carruthers takes us step-by-step through an internal graduation cut, a technique that helps collapse the perimeter of a bob giving the hair a fuller, more rounded shape.  


  1. Take a full vertical section of hair starting in the center back of the head and elevate to 45 degrees vertically with your fingers.  
  2. Angle your fingers down and point cut perpendicularly to the diagonal line.  
  3. Stop cutting right before the outermost piece. The texture should be hidden underneath.  
  4. Clip the cut hair out of the way. It’s important to stay organized, if you cut one section more than once the graduation won’t be consistent.  
  5. Repeat this process all the way around the head. Leave out the pieces that frame the face and live outside of the hairline.  

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